Children Gift Ideas for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Children Gift Ideas for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Have you ever wanted to get a gift for someone who’s blind or visually impaired, and you weren’t quite sure what to give them?

Today I’ll be sharing with you 20 gift ideas for children who are visually impaired or blind.

I also have creating a list of gift ideas for adults who are visually impaired and you check it out at this link.

I know that it can be difficult to purchase a gift for someone that’s meaningful and significant to that person, when it can be hard to relate to them or understand their circumstance.

It’s important to keep in mind as I share these gift ideas that every person sees differently. And it’s important for you to understand at least a little bit how the person you’re buying a gift can see whether they’re blind or visually impaired, it will make a difference what type of gift is best for them.

Now, I do think it’s important to clarify, it’s okay if it’s something that uses your eyes a little bit. But as long as it’s just not only your eyes, and it will once again totally just depend on the child, because some children who are visually impaired will have some vision and be able to see things like color, or shapes, and maybe even be able to read with a magnifier or with some type of aid that will help them participate and whatever gift you give them.

But some people who are totally blind will have different things that they can’t see that someone who’s visually impaired might be able to see.

I also think it’s important to keep in mind that children who are blind and visually impaired can sometimes struggle with their hand eye coordination, because it takes them a little bit longer to learn those skills. So finding things that can either help them gain those skills, or be aware that it could be embarrassing if there’s something that they can’t quite use yet.

  1. Magnetic Building Blocks

My first gift idea for you are these magnetic building tiles. I think any type of building block is a great idea because you can technically use them and you don’t have to necessarily be able to see them, you can use these by touch alone.

Now I picked out these specific ones because they’re magnetic, which means it’s going to give a little bit of aid in helping them stay together if they’re accidentally bumped a little bit.

2. Legos

My second gift idea for you is Legos. Now I specifically picked out some that are larger, because it can be hard to see the fine detailed ones that are really small.

These still make it possible to create all sorts of different things, and I won’t be straining on their eyes.

Legos are great because of the versatility. And they can also be used as an educational tool.

3. Skyjo Game

Idea number three is the game Skyjo. Now these cards are very simple and just have one large number on each card.

This is also a slow paced game where each player has their own cards in front of them and they don’t have to be able to see other people’s cards. So this will make it easier for someone who’s visually impaired to take their time or use a magnifier or whatever they need to to see their cards in front of them.

On top of it being a fun game. It’s a really good game to teach children simple adding and subtracting math, and the whole family can get involved.

If you want to see a full list of games I suggest for someone who is visually impaired check out that post here.

4. Baby Doll

Idea four is a baby doll or even a Barbie. Any type of doll would work. I picked this one specifically because this doll talks to you. And you can also hear its heartbeat.

Dolls are great because it’s a tactile activity that doesn’t require being able to see you can easily change or comb their hair or interact with a doll without using your eyes.

5. Super Hero Figurines

My next idea is superhero figurines. Now I picked these figurines out for those who might not be interested in baby dolls.

These are great because they’re tactile, they use a lot of imagination and you can play so many different things with just some figurines.

6. Mr. Potato Head

My next idea is a Mr. Potato Head. This can be fun, because you can interchangeably use the different parts of his body and make it unique and custom to what that child wants it to be. And you can change it as many times as you want.

It doesn’t really require being able to see it, you can feel it and be able to interact with Mr. Potato Head that way.

7. Play Doh

My next idea is this Play Dough set. Now play doh is tactile, where you touch it and you move it around and create whatever shape or thing you want out of Play Doh. It also comes with a bunch of cookie cutters and different tools to help you make something that’s a little more detailed.

8. Kinect Sand

My next idea is kinetic sand. Now this set comes in 10 different colors. But I think it’s a cool gift because it’s something that you’re touching with your hands and on top of being able to build or create things out of the sand. Just touching it and feeling it can really help your senses be satisfied.

9. Jewelry Maker

My next idea is this jewelry making kit. Now I specifically picked one that has larger pieces, and where the string is thicker so it’s easier to see or even just feel it in order to put the pieces on to the string. This can be a good way to help your child feel included in the activity and making jewelry without it being frustrating that they can’t see the fine detail of typical jewelry.

10. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Now the next idea is a mermaid blanket tail, I thought this was an interesting idea. Because it’s nice to be all snuggled up in a blanket, the filling of the fuzziness of the blanket is really nice. This could also be used in playing dress up or just whatever game they come up with their own imaginations.

11. Sunglasses

Now my next idea is a little more practical. It’s a pair of sunglasses. And this one I found specifically has a lanyard on it that makes it so it can hang on your neck, so it’ll be more difficult for them to get lost or dropped or anything like that.

I think with a lot of people who have visual impairment, your eyes can be more sensitive to like so making sure to find a way to make sunglasses more fun and exciting for your child will make it that much easier for them to wear their glasses on a regular basis.

12. Headphones

Now my next idea is getting a pair of headphones, it can really go a long way for someone who’s visually impaired or blind having a good set of headphones. Because it might be more difficult for them to enjoy video, it can be a good idea to get them some good headphones to help with listening to music or listening to audio books.

13. Xylophone

My next gift idea is for younger babies. Now this is a xylophone that you can play with. And it has some balls where if you hit them, it will hit the xylophone and go down I thought the use of touch and sound in this gift was a good combination to help them enjoy some of their senses other than visuals.

14. Harry Potter music box

The next gift idea is a music box. Now I picked out this one because who doesn’t want a Harry Potter music box. I think that anything that creates sound, like I said, is a good gift for someone who’s visually impaired.

15. Bop it!

The next gift is a game Bop It! It’s nice because it doesn’t require you to look at anything. It’s all based on listening to commands that are said by the machine. So you either hit it, you twist it or you pull it, which could be a good option for people who are visually impaired for a group game.

16. Night Light

Now the next gift that I picked is a nightlight alarm clock. Now I think this is awesome because it not only works as a nightlight and a clock, but it can also play music and can be used in multiple ways. And this gift is definitely accessible to someone who’s visually impaired. And so it can be a fun way to interact and stimulate your senses.

17. Educational Wood puzzles

Now the next gift idea is this puzzle board game that’s made out of wood. It helps the child learn their numbers and their colors and shapes. It can work really well because not only visually can see what the numbers/shapes, you can fill those things and be able to still use the puzzle and learn these things
that could be a little bit more difficult to learn.

18. 3D wooden puzzle

My next gift idea is these wood 3d puzzles. Now instead of doing a typical puzzle where it’s based on a picture, these are 3d wood pieces that go together and little slots and make it easy for you to do a 3d puzzle that is tactile versus visual. Someone could enjoy these puzzles just as much with their hands as with their eyes.

19. Toy House

My next idea is getting a play kitchen. These can be fun because children like to do real life things on their own. So pretending like they’re cooking in a kitchen is very tactile. It doesn’t really require having to be able to see this play kitchen also makes sounds for the stove and it’s The microwave beeps and stuff like that. So involves other senses.

20. Play Food

The last idea is paired with this play kitchen, it’s getting some play food that they can use. Now you don’t have to have the play kitchen in order to use the food, but it would pair well with it. And it could be a way to teach them about nutrition if you wanted it to be.

I hope this was helpful to get you started on getting the perfect gift for the child you know who’s visually impaired or blind.