About the Designer

Have you ever wondered how blind and visually impaired people do a lot of things? Do you assume there are things that the visually impaired can’t do?

One of my biggest missions in life is to show you, how as someone who is visually impaired I chased my dreams to become a designer despite all of the pushback that I can’t see well enough to make it in the design world. I share my journey of how I have come to terms with my visual impairment and how it has given me a unique perspective on creating innovative design solutions.

As I have continued to grow in my design career I have noticed there are a huge gap and room for improvement for creating flexible and inclusive designs that can work for a wider range of people. If there is only one or two ways to use a design or service, it really limits who can use the design. If we can include a couple more ways to use the design and be open-minded we might just find solutions that work for more people that are even better than what we are already using.

I have created several videos about my journey that goes into depth about how my visual impairment affects my vision and career as a graphic designer and UX designer.

This first one is an overview of my journey of being someone who is a designer and also happens to be visually impaired.

I also have a video where I draw out an overview of my life and the events that have led me to being a designer and narrowing down to my specific niche. This was a super fun one to make for you!

In this next video, I share how my visual impairment has affected my life and how I have had to adapt in some situations.

I also have a video where I answer 10 questions about my visual impairment and share more detail about what it is like for me to have a disability.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about my journey and you will subscribe to my mailing list so that you can see what I upload new content! Until then…