Category: Services

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    I specialize in crafting both print and digital files for a diverse range of graphic design projects, encompassing branding, logo design, PDF forms, workbooks, fliers, social media posts, and more. Ensuring full accessibility for all design projects is my utmost passion. Whatever your creative needs entail, I am committed to delivering personalized and exceptional design […]

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  • Video Editing

    Video Editing

    Do you need someone who can create a stunning video? I will turn raw footage into a captivating video tailored to your unique needs. What You’ll Receive: Pricing: $75 per hour Once you submit your inquiry I will review it and let you know in an email if we are a good fit. I will […]

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  • Accessibility Audit

    Accessibility Audit

    Do you need help making your print or digital assets more accessible? Sign up for an Accessibility Design Audit. I will review your website, print materials, social media, videos, or brand guidelines to enhance the accessibility of your product. I use the WCAG 2.1 guidelines as a standard for my audits. What You’ll Receive: Pricing: […]

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  • PDF Remediation

    PDF Remediation

    Ensuring that your PDF documents are accessible to all users is my top priority. I specialize in making your PDFs fully accessible, allowing individuals with diverse abilities to navigate and interact with the content seamlessly. I will take an existing design file and make backend edits to make the document accessible both visually and for […]

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  • Alt Text Writing

    Alt Text Writing

    Do you need someone who can write alt text for your images? I specialize in providing professionally written alt text, ensuring your images and visual content are accessible to all users. Alt text serves as a textual description of images, making them understandable for individuals with visual impairments or using screen readers. Whether it’s a […]

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  • Screen Reader Testing

    Screen Reader Testing

    I will conduct a comprehensive screen reader testing with two of the most widely used screen readers in the industry – JAWS and VoiceOver. My main goal is to ensure your website is inclusive and caters to all users, especially those with visual impairments. Going beyond automated tools, I conduct real user simulations to replicate […]

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