Screen Reader Testing

A person typing on a laptop.

I will conduct a comprehensive screen reader testing with two of the most widely used screen readers in the industry – JAWS and VoiceOver. My main goal is to ensure your website is inclusive and caters to all users, especially those with visual impairments. Going beyond automated tools, I conduct real user simulations to replicate the experience of individuals using JAWS and VoiceOver. This enables me to pinpoint potential issues and provide more accurate feedback.

What to Expect:

  • I will meticulously evaluate your website’s or PDF’s compatibility with JAWS, a popular screen reader among Windows users.
  • I will also run your website or PDF through VoiceOver, the primary screen reader for Apple devices
  • I provide you with detailed reports on what changes need to be made to ensure WCAG guideline compliance. My reports include valuable insights, recommendations, and suggested improvements to enhance the user experience for individuals relying on screen readers.

Price: $75 per hour

Once you submit your inquiry I will review it and let you know in an email if we are a good fit. I will give you an estimate on the pricing and timeline.