PDF Remediation

A person sitting a desk typing on a laptop.

Ensuring that your PDF documents are accessible to all users is my top priority. I specialize in making your PDFs fully accessible, allowing individuals with diverse abilities to navigate and interact with the content seamlessly. I will take an existing design file and make backend edits to make the document accessible both visually and for screen reader users. I optimize the reading order and structure of the document, making it easier for screen readers to interpret the information. I ensure that forms, links, and other interactive elements are accessible to all users. I do user testing to ensure they meet accessibility requirements and provide a seamless user experience.

Why To Expect:

  • You will send me a fully approved design project. No changes can be made once I have the file.
  • Alt text will need to be provided (or you can hire me to write it for you).
  • You will receive a high-quality accessible PDF as the final deliverable.

Price: $65 per hour

Once you submit your inquiry I will review it and let you know in an email if we are a good fit. I will give you an estimate on the pricing and timeline.