Alt Text Writing

The back of a persons back while they look at screen editing photos.

Do you need someone who can write alt text for your images? I specialize in providing professionally written alt text, ensuring your images and visual content are accessible to all users. Alt text serves as a textual description of images, making them understandable for individuals with visual impairments or using screen readers. Whether it’s a product photo, infographic, or illustration, I ensure the alt text complements your content seamlessly. I recognize the uniqueness of every image and tailor the alt text to match your specific content and audience.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Customized alt text to match your content and audience.
  • Optional: Alt text can be integrated into your website or product. 

Pricing: Based on quantity and complexity of images

Once you submit your inquiry I will review it and let you know in an email if we are a good fit. I will give you an estimate on the pricing and timeline.